Famicom’s Audio Expansions (Part 1: Explanation + Konami)



Hi! I’m going to do a short series talking about the ways some game companies took advantage of the Famicom’s expansion abilities to make some really advanced soundtracks in the latter half of its life! Because the technology was actually pretty cool, I’d like to talk a little bit about it before I talk about the music itself, so I hope you find it fun!

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These are some of the monsters from an old playstation game called Volfoss, which featured artwork by Yasushi Nirasawa. I have like 40 something of them saved but this game is so fucking obscure it only has two youtube videos, a near-stub on wikipedia and NOTHING on gamefaqs. Nothing. No FAQ or review. Like holy shit no matter how it played, how did people forget a game with something like PUZZ in it?

I’m doin a article